Wrong statistic downloads

On right site widget show wrong statistic downloads:

See, product updated yesterday (21 hour ago) and have:

  • page views today 1637
  • downloads today 111

It’s impossible, because on Files tab show another indicators 479 + 379 = 858 downloads

Hello varlesh,

I am sorry for the misunderstandings when displaying the number of downloads. I’ll try to clarify the situation: “Downloads today” shows the number of downloads for today from 0 clock until now. In the Files tab, the entire downloads of a file will be displayed since it was uploaded. This means for your files: there are 111 downloads in the last 8 and a half hours (00:00 - 08:29) and 858 for the both new files since they wehere uploaded.
I hope the question is answered.

Best regards

Thanks for clarifications!
Now i understand how this worked