Wrong products sorting (Solved)

On kde when trying to install a product there is no difference in filtering by new or more downloaded products, they are always sorted by published date:

I don’t know if this is the right place to open this issue, but I think it’s related to this platform, since this provide the API.

Hi and thanks for reporting this.
Could be some caching issue or some missing or reset statistics views, we will have a look as soon as possible, but likely on monday we can see deeper into it.
What version of Plasma and Frameworks is this?
Since api is an extra server, I think it’s likely a temporary issue, which will hopefully be an easy fix.

Thanks for the response, as a note this issue has been happening since yesterday, I use plasma v5.12 and v5.15.4 with frameworks v5.44 and v5.57.

Applied a cache fix, “Downloads” sorting should now be according to measured downloads statistics again, and be different than “Latest”.

Yes, now it’s working fine :grinning: