Wrong address in payout area--now corrected

I was wondering why I have not seen a payout yet & looked in the PayPal address area. Long story short, the address was incorrect & I have now changed it. Can you advise me as to what would need to happen next?

Hi autocrosser,

you need to wait for this months payout, as we do not retroactively do past payouts.

Understand–I was talking about this months payout–I changed my address late last month, after the payout from that month. I didn’t notice that the address was incorrect when I put it in & the current payout was sent to a address that doesn’t exist.

Is there a update on this? Anything I can add or furnish to help things along?

Hi autocrosser1,

other than providing a valid paypal address, nothing to do.
Since it must be valid at the point of the payout, that would be this month.

Regards, Opendesktop Team.

OK–It was wrong at the time of payout & is now corrected----so does that mean that no payout this month?

Is there any comment on my last post?

Hi! Have you got payout?
I’m now in same situation, i forgot to change email in settings and money was sent to not existing paypal.

No–unless they have correct address—no payment :frowning:

Hello! Can you please answer on my question here Wrong Paypal adress / Pending? It is very important for me! As i’m totally out of money, I rely on this payout!