Windows themes for Cinnamon 3.6?

Would it be possible for someone to come along and fix the Windows themes from here

I really want to theme cinnamon and have it look like Windows 7 and also Windows Vista but the developer stated in an email when asked that he’s stopped developement for the time being and I think he’s got no intention of going back to the earlier themes like Windows Vista and 7.

I currently want my Arch Linux Cinnamon desktop to look like Windows Vista but the current theme on that website is not compatible with the latest starkmenu and not compatible for Cinnamon 3.6 could a modder who’s experienced with themes update the Windows Vista and 7 to the latest version for both Cinnamon and StarkMenu plus the Windows 7 theme. A lot of the boxes are greyed out especially for the calendar and the nemo file manager does not look correct with the vista and 7 control theme in the settings. The size of the texts go way to small and doesn’t look correct. Could someone do this for me?

Hi there,

we’ve resumed development and will patch Cinnamon themes for 3.6 compatibility soon enough. We just have to correct some bugs in the GTK themes.