Which License Should I Choose

I just uploaded an image and noticed the license I use has been removed.

e.g Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

Which License should I use which will “prevent” people from downloading my work and claiming it as their own, Like you see happening here on a daily basis?

Also, do I now have to go through and set a new license for everything I have uploaded?

Thanks in advance

If you have people downloading and reuploading, just notify us here and we will remove those.
We will at some point see and compare who uploaded what here and if its double and if simply reuploaded multiple times, delete it.

That’s all well and good, but now, somebody can download my products and upload them to their website and their is nothing I can do about it because I set a ‘come & take it license’ most of my products are exclusive to opendesktop.org and can only be downloaded from here.

So in theory I should not see my products anywhere else on the web. now people can download my products from another source, in turn I end up loosing plings & download count. At least before I could send a take down notice DMCA to the perpetrator, now I can not even do that.

I’m all for opensource, but when people blatantly upload other peoples work and claim it as their own and get paid for it, is just criminal.

I kind of feel your shooting yourself in the foot by doing this, people will now be looking for other places to upload their products. IMHO

Thanks for your time

People can take your work regardless of any of the cc-licenses and spread them for free on any other sites.
This is a creativecommons after all, not a propreitary license.
We dont now of any other place where you get that easy compensation, so no, we don’t believe in shooting ourselves in the foot.
If people want to hurt your “plings” they can take and offer your work for free on any of the zites that also allow other to take the work and share it here.

I have a bad news for you.

Although CC-BY-ND be valid, in the future OpenDesktop will remove this licence because it is incompatible with Linux philosohpy and with GPL.

I think better you remove your works from OpenDesktop, move your woks to GitLab and set your repository to private, build your own site, imposing the client to inform the data (name, ID, e-mail, country, phone) and including the IP tracing. He will be required to donate small money, like BirdFont does, and to register the data before downloading your packages.

@mcder, here is what OpenDesktop has just said to Ant. It is another bad news for you and for Fabian. Good luck with your works and just say goodbye to OpenDesktop. Tell it to your friend.

Just one of the biggest tips:

Do not use SVG. Use PNG. Limit the PNG icon until to 125px.

It will make the forkers’ life difficult to fork and modify your icons theme.

@opendesktop, is it necessary that @gusreis1989 mention me to try to troll me?

You can use the artistic 2.0, it is the one that best fits the artistic work.

@gusreis1989 label me to try to troll me?

It is your impression. I called you only to advice you because I know you will not be happy to know what OpenDesktop has just said. Accept it and get used and over it.

I’m just going to use a free license that apparently has an interesting quality.

free does not mean “free beer” :slight_smile:

Let’s all be grown-ups and see where we find common ground.
Opendesktop was started long before CreativeCommons was a thing. In our effort to modernize and bring the platform into the future, we may deprecate more licenses that preceded CC in the past, but are now too restrictive for the platform.
We believe in sharing and that whenever someone loses interest or for some reason doesnt continue, anyone else can pick up and continue the effort and not all is lost/needs to be started from scratch.
At the same time, we acknowledge and honor original artists, so we look out for simple copycats on this platform and favor those who contribute original content.
Newaita clearly shows that while developing something fresh, some compensation can be made accompanying the effort and add some motivation, though cannot be all motivation.
We believe in this principle and therefore think longterm, certain licenses are better suited towards this model -on this specific platform-.
Other platforms or individuals may legitamate favor something different, so thats fine too.
Just as example, the founder of owncloud at one point also favored the more restrictive core-model, but since nextcloud came to realization that the freer for all license suited the project better, even if favoring potential competing efforts.
We also think that collaboration and sharing with the mindset of improving even with competing is at the heart of the movement, and artwork is an ever important contribution and therefore cannot be an exception.
Therefore lets not try to exploit license loopholes (like tivoization) or go against each other, but be proud members of this great community and greater movement that tries to make the world a little better for all of us.

I understand your position and of course this opensource has many virtues. On the artistic side if I think it’s a little different, that’s why the CC evolved to adapt to the time… Well, I’ll adapt to the new terms and then I’ll have to review all the licenses of my work to use the one that suits me.

Yes I am aware of that, but at least I could do something about it using the ‘Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives License’ were as now I can’t do anything about it because I’m being forced to set a plagiarize License and my work would not be exclusive to opendesktop.org

Their are other sites that pay for uploaded content but it wouldn’t be linux related which is a shame.
Also next year the Plings kick in, that coupled with the Forced Plagiarize License, its just not going to be worth the hassle.

So after this year I will be moving on, I’d like to thank opendesktop for what they have done up until now, I think I speak for everyone, it was good while it lasted.

I wish you all the best for the future.

Good Luck :wink:


Yeah, unfortunately noticed same with the licenses. I used to use CC NC-SA on my photos. I think it is open enough. Just i don’t want people use pics i share in commercial way, free is free, sharing and derivates nothing against. But there’s no more this option. So well, my sharing history is probably 30-40 not very high quality photos so place not losing much anything.

And i’m not interested on any monetary or “plings” things, just wanted to share some photos for Linux systems, but well. Couldn’t users turn off those Plings and get more licences?