When posting a new GTK theme at top "basic" turns red like I am missing info but I am not missing anything at all

I am trying to post a GTK theme to match a look and feel theme and when I am thru with first page where you add all the info and select next to go to next page it kicks me back and turns the word basic red like I am missing some info and I am not missing any info at all. I have done it three times. Any help would be appreciated.

Me too have this problem.

Have you had any problems other than this lately???

Does it happen on https://www.pling.com/product/add as well?

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That is the page that is doing it. Screenshots above. Well it is the same page but different address. When I add or update I have the page bookmarked with your plings and the add product and add collections and that is how I go into the site.

Then I hit add product and have been doing it this way for months. It allowed me to update but not add new gtk theme last night and tried several times and doubled check my work and tried again and again but when you fill out all info and hit the next button it kicks you back kinda like say the screenshots were too big but it tells you as much but with this it tells you nothing but just red at the top on basics. So if I am on wrong page then that is how I got there from the exact page in this screenshot

I am about to see what it does now.

It worked on that page but I don’t know if it still doing on other now because I don’t have anything to post right now. Could I ask why there is two addresses for the same page???

No I have only this problem

Me too. I have this problem.

I have this problem too in Chromium and Firefox but it works in Epiphany.

I had a look at the Web-Console and it said that some requests were blocked because of CORS-Headers.

Hello everybody,
we apologize for the inconvenience.
Today, we made a few updates, so please check if those have completely solved the issue.
If anyone still has problems, please let us know here.

Thank you for everyones support that helped us solve the issue!