What icons theme which contain icons only of GNOME and Ubuntu?


I am looking for the minimal icons theme with only icons (actions and status) of GNOME, Ubuntu, and of Evolution, Gimp and Inkscape.

Thank you!

Gustavo Costa

Well, I do not believe there are themes specifically. Adwaita is the default Gnome iconset. This is the official new version for gnome 3.32.

Ubuntu has Yaru as an iconset (unfinished in my opinion) which is allot like your Suru. In fact I like your version allot more.

Yes, but my Suru++ 25 is not minimal.

I and @Magog64 try to keep Suru++ Ubuntu minimal, because it is designed only for GNOME and Ubuntu. We have optimised from 170MB to 35MB.

I was confused with Adwaita and Yaru because they do not have 16px non-symbolc icons of actions. I did not understand why they put the symbolic icons in the folder scalable.