What do i need to make themes, icons, styles working?

Hello! I am using Fedora 27 as my laptop main OS (please dont ask to change distro) - just to get into Linux systems etc… Fedora coming with latest Gnome, after 1 month of using it i decided to exterminate it from my computer… because i dont like it. I have intalled XFCE, i configured it just as i want, and now its time to decorate it a little bit. My problem is that when i install new theme, i see it in “Appearance” in the list, but when i click on it, i just getting theme like from 1996 :smiley: But default Adwaita or Arc working just fine. It seems like i have missing something but i dont know what. Same happens with cursors, i installed them, they are listed but when i try to make them work im getting cursors again from 90s. Can i have at least list of packpages that i need to install to make my system look a little bit more beautiful? Or its some echo of the past (bloody hand of already unistalled Gnome) and i need to remove some old config files etc? Im not sure about if this forum right place to ask that questing but i really tryed to google it and got nothing…
There is some screen shots:
Working well Adwaita
Trying to get custom theme to work (Victoria themes pack)
Also, sorry my broken English - on my native language i will never get help about this.

the most likely scenario is the you need to install some “theme engines”, e.g. a popular theme engine which is used by many themes is “murrine”, try
sudo yum install gtk-murrine-engine # if you are a sudoer (try this first)
su -c ‘yum install gtk-murrine-engine’ # if you know the root password
Similarly, each theme should list what packages it requires, and you’ll have to fine the package name for fedora and install it.

As i said, this is the most likely cause for the themes not working properly (given what you said), but there may be other issues, you’ll have to try the above first.

Try this one, follow the installation instructions in the INSTALL file in the Fedora section, and let me know if it works: https://www.xfce-look.org/p/1191436/

Thanks for reply!
gtk-murrine-engine i had already installed,
Theme you gave me, working well, but still old themes i have installed (gtk2.0+) getting same issues :frowning_face: By the way, after installing theme with required packpages, my pc getting hotter and CPU working much more active than usual.

after installing theme with required packpages, my pc getting hotter and CPU working much more

This is totally abnormal, it shouldn’t happen. I have ~200 downloads for this theme each time i have a new release, and nobody complained about high CPU utilization; also, on my system it’s 0%. This theme doesn’t use any transition effects, so it should not use the CPU practically at all.

Try the following and let me know what happens: now that you have installed the dependencies (those packages), try to switch to Adwaita and tell me if you have high CPU on Adwaita too. I mean, after you installed those packages, do you have high CPU only on my theme or also on Adwaita.

Again, i’m 99.99% sure the high CPU utilization indicates a problem with your system.

In the readme or instalation file there is a tip to use the Nemo file manager (Since I’m still in the search for programs that suit me the most, I have installed it). In fedora when you are writing dnf install nemo it also for some reason downloads dependency Tracker (a part of gnome, program to search for files and their content, this is what I found out more or less) After a little investigation, I realized that the problem is in it. It almost destroyed my processor (not literally) I have a lot of small files. The theme works fine, I really like it. But other themes from the same site still dont want to work. If there was some way, check the system for errors, etc… In any case, many thanks - I learned a lot.

Uh, on xubuntu nemo didn’t install that “dependency Tracker” thingie. As for helping out with tracing fedora issues, unfortunately i can’t help you, i’ didn’t use fedora for over a decade…

As for other themes not working, if my theme works and Adwaita works, it’s possible that the gtk2 version of the themes you are installing require a “gtk2 theme engine” which you don’t have installed. Look into the theme’s <themeFolder>/gtk-2.0/gtkrc file (and/or in the other files in this folder, if any) and look for the keyword “engine”; after the word “engine” you’ll find the engine(s) that that theme uses (there may be more than one engine, look after each occurrence of the word “engine”), and you will need to install all the engines that your theme(s) try to use (you’ll have to look on the net for them, google for something like: fedora murrine rpm, or: fedora clearlooks rpm, etc)

For gtk3 themes there are no “engines”, it’s css syntax, so all up-to-date gtk3 themes should work. If you find a gtk3 theme that doesn’t work this may be because it has been developed for a previous version of gtk3. gtk3 had several iterations which did not retain backwards compatibility, but the lates gtk3 releases are allegedly stable and all new versions should be backwards compatible (e.g. my theme was developed and tested against gtk3 v3.22.11, and theoretically it should not require any changes for newer gtk3 releases).

Let me know if this helped.

Oh, and if you like my theme, or, for that matter, if you like any theme, please “show some love” and vote it up, we the developers kinda like that :slight_smile: