We need tutorials?

Why opendesktop.org does not make tutorials about how to create themes and arts for diffrent desktop envirenments ?
I’ve tried more than once to make my own icon theme, but every time I do not find the full instructions to do it correctly, only some short articles are randomly available on the Internet but there is never full content with complete information to understand comprehensively how desktop envirenment interacts with its appearence components, I am frustrated when I enter the official sites for desktop environments such as GNOME and find only a few short articles to learn how to customize the desktop environment. What is more frustrating is that they do not mention in those articles the tools you can use, for example There is no single tool You can use to replace your icons with icons in an existing theme to save you the trouble of replacing or renaming manually …
please , do some tutorials and publish them on YouTube or anywhere else to help us understand more and work properly. We want to support the free community that attracted us and we want to support the operating system we belongs to but how we offer our efforts if we did not learn something ?
i’m very sorry about my english .