We need a new category for GTK themes in KDE

GTK themes derived from the Breeze GTK do not work in Gnome or any other GTK based desktop so posting my GTK themes made for KDE seems really out of place like really bad. I know my GTK’s work in KDE and in Lubuntu but other than that I don’t know any other DE’s that can use them and I create them to use with my KDE themes so that people have the full look and feel. So please add a new option to post themes for KDE GTK and Lubuntu GTK. They are different. I Don’t know why we can not add GTK’s to the dependencies on a looknfeel theme but someone really needs to add this feature so when someone downloads our look and feel theme it pulls in the GTK theme. Also add an option to post these in GTK section for Lubuntu. So it would be like:

Lubuntu GTK:

As far as anymore DE’s that use the same kind of GTK’s I am not sure about but these are very different than normal GTK’s and are necessary for the KDE desktop environment and even though KDE can run normal GTK’s it is not meant to and the themes derived from Breeze seem to work better in KDE because you can still use you stock title bars. I appreciate any all the site does for us and would like to see these options added because for one some people have NO idea that these themes even work in Lubuntu and so we are probably having people download the themes to run in GTK and then like I have said they do not work in normal gtk even they are essentially gtk themes but built for KDE. I hope you see the point. Could someone please respond please???

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