Wallpapers duplicated

how we find the duplicate wallpapers before we uploaded ?. because so many wallpapers in the opendesktop. we do not know that we trying to upload wallpapers are already uploaded before. i suggest check it using automated prgramme and let us know about that a duplicate wallpaper. please don’t ban the profile.

There are millions of free wallpapers out there, so only cheating persons upload more than a single random duplicate in a row by chance of pure randomness.

what happen to accidently uploaded the duplicated wallpapers? not cheating, becourse so many persons uploaded the wallpapers and we desnt konw if it alrady uploded. It will happen. other thing is every person uploaded the photos by limited public (cco) license Sites. so usually it will happen. i am also face that problem and so many friend had that problem. so please concern this problem and give us the solution.

thank you

if you add too many duplicates (more than 3) you will get deleted.
If you really dont cheat and make sure from the MILLIONS OF CC0 images you dont hit any duplicates, you can image search yourself on google and see if it exists on pling.com.

using google helps

I tried that but its not working. I searched by image using google image search. but its not showing wallpapers in pling.com. please give us the solution for this problem

thank you

Use “(_____)” on google only and you get what is there for only whats in between those quotation. “”

Sorry, it posted early. Just put the term in between only those quotation marks “” and it only works on google. bing and others use the + sign, but I don’t get it like google.

ok I will try