Wallpaper download

Hi I’m new here , I just set up an account and uploaded some wallpapers .
when I click on the wallpaper , it come up fine but the download tab is disabled .
I was wondering if there is a wait period before the wallpapers are downloadable for use .
or is there something I’m doing wrong or not completing .
any advice would be helpful …the wallpaper is reflections of freedom by jimmyc
listed under wallpaper other.

You have also got to add the file on the second page. Here is an example of mine.

There is a terms of service box you must check as well.

You don’t need package type or arch for wallpapers.

Thank you so much charliehenson it worked just as you said .:+1:

You’re welcome glad I could help.

@charliehenson Hi ,
I was wondering if there is a way to check the total number of downloads a product received since it was
first posted , I know there is a daily number given , but do they have a way for an author to check total downloads .

Sure, it’s listed under the files tab. It will show you overall totals.

This is an example of mine today, tomorrow will be more and the total grows .

Thank you …made my day !