Wallpaper category needed

Hi there. Can we please have a category for KDE Neon in Wallpapers for store.kde.org? Right now, they must go in Wallpapers > Other, which seems a bit odd. Thanks!

You’re right, man, we need more wallpaper categories.


there is a wallpaper category for KDE under OS-specific:

Yes of course, but 99% of KDE Plasma users will be coming from the URL store.kde.org including from within Plasma (get new wallpapers), Discover software center, and other internal places. They will likely never see anything directly under the opendesktop.org domain…

Right. They see this category at bottom of store.kde.org page directly with same content:

I understand. However my point was this: If a Gnome user goes to ODO looking for a wallpaper, they will see an OS-Specific category, where any major distro running Gnome has it’s own wallpaper subcategory. If a Manjaro KDE user, for example, visits the KDE Store to get wallpapers, they will only see the generic KDE Wallpaper category. Ditto for KDE Neon, Kubuntu, and others (I understand that there is a Kubuntu wallpaper category under the ODO website), which again, a Plasma user won’t see unless opening a browser and explicitly going to that site. Which will likely not happen.

So what I’m saying is we need an OS-specific wallpaper under the KDE store, and under that we need a KDE Neon section. I want to submit wallpapers, but I don’t want them just under the “wallpapers kde plasma” section, as that’s too generic. Why should a gnome user have access to all major distros to search for wallpapers for their distribution, but KDE users have no such ability?

https://www.gnome-look.org/ also has only “Wallpapers Gnome”.
opendesktop.org is the meta-site that has all wallpapers, as otherwise users specific to a certain store would complain that they see EVERY wallpaper, which why this was made upon users feedback as is.
For any finegrained search you can also use tagging to classify each submitted item further, like kde-neon or neon.
Hopefully this helps understanding how things are currently setup.