Using themes & Grub Customizer with YUMI Multi-Boot USB Tool

Hello internet,

I use a multi-boot tool you probably have heard of before. YUMI

It’s UEFI version, uses grub 2. Which is a plus since all the themes that interest me, seem to use Grub 2. I installed grub customizer in a virtual machine on VMware Workstation, and I am trying to port over the highly rated Vimix Theme. Unfortunately I am not having much success. I would love to document my research, and make a video tutorial if I figure it out.

To me this doesn’t seem all that far out of reach, but would potentially require manual labor, since the script automatically wants to point to the host operating system, and never to the bootable USB file system.

Using Grub Customizer or not is the least of my worries. Plus once it works with Vimix, it shouldn’t be too far out to get it working with other themes? Anyone have any tips?

I’m really stuck and I hope someone can come to help me here.