Understanding Plings

Understanding Plings:

I upload a product, opendesktop gives me 1 pling (by default) that pling is capped at 100 downloads = $1
A supporter plings the same product, that pling is also capped at 100 downloads = $1
in other words if a product is downloaded 2000 times you still only get $1 = 100 downloads

So for that month with them 2 plings the most I will get is $2 Max

Do I understand this right?

Thanks in advance

In general, yes! But only from May 2019! :wink:

Yes, for $20, you need 19 who support this.
There is a 1 year tryout phase if this model works, if not enough people register as supporters at all, we re-evaluate what to do in that case.

yes I’m aware it starts May 2019

Thanks WillS :slight_smile:

Thanks for verifying.

Also to become a supporter you have to pay $15 to be able to give plings?

Lets say you had 1 product, So to get your $15 back, you would have to get 14 plings on that 1 product
100 downloads x15 plings = $15 thats including the pling from opendesktop when you upload a product.

Do the plings stay there indefinitely are do they get removed after the month has ended?

I think I understand how its going to work, but I thought I’d post a simple explanation for anybody struggling getting their head around it :wink:

Thanks again