Unable to upload theme

Been trying to upload a Plasma colour-scheme,fill in all the details,add previews and file,click save and then it just loops back to the beginning of the details gain with no error or anything?
It does upload the tar file in the details,but that is as far as it gets,tried twice now and given up.
Is there a problem with the site at the moment does anybody know?

We are sorry that you have these problems. At the moment we are not aware of a general problem with the upload function. We will review your hints to identify the problem.

Thank you opendesktop,I finally got it to upload!
Tried again this morning,it failed again with no error message,just looped back to the beginning again.
So what I had to do was enable 3rd party cookies,and after doing that there was an error message “All files in sum should have a maximum size of ‘4.86MB’ but ‘4.87MB’ were detected” so I scaled the images down and moved them to another folder,then it worked!
Thank you again opendesktop.