Three suggestions to improve OpenDesktop - Pling

Although they are no more than suggestions, the OpenDesktop team should consider the following proposals:

  • Phone/Mobile category
    - It is a mobile/phone category! - Why not give it a QR Code to download the items. One possible location is the download pop-up window, or even in the product “Files” section.

  • The Rating/Popularity/Fan system
    - Remove the rating system, isn’t working. OpenDesktop have, as far as I could know, three “classification” methods: Rating, “Popularity” and the Fan “Club”.
    The rating system isn’t working, because in most cases, votes are made between each other and their alias accounts. It’s not credible.
    My proposal is… just leave the “Popularity” that is based on " plings, downloads, etc", and the Fan “Club”.

  • The Categories
    On this subject, I have two suggestions.
    The first one is when a product don’t fit on any category or in their subcategory, how can we ( easily ) suggest a new one, if that is a possibility.
    The second is the product/itens that should be in their respective categories.
    For example: In a GTK theme, should only have the GTK theme, and not the complete set ( theme itself, wallpaper, Plasma theme, icon set, etc. )
    If this is not a problem for the OpenDesktop team, at least create a category of is own, for this type of sets.

I hope that OpenDesktop team, has at least some thoughts on these proposals.

Hi ptalfred,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We will take all of them into consideration.

Opendesktop Team