Themes control choices are limited to dark lettering on white or dark lettering on dark?

Seems to me this has been one of the most overlooked problems with dark cinnamon themes and not many have even attempted to fix it. I have looked all over the place for some theme that can be installed so i can change the controls to have white lettering on a dark grey control set, like for in app windows with text or spreadsheet style interface, but nothing. stuck with bright black on white, or very lacking dark options that do not allow one to even see the text they need to see. hasn’t anyone even thought of this yet?

I do not use Cinnamon but have encountered similar problems with dark themes using OpenBox, Gnome, Mate and KDE. The solution, if Cinnamon uses GTK standard, is a program called “gnome-color-chooser.” To learn how to use it, set colors to something garrish, apply and find the color. Then you can individually adjust the colors on the items causing the problem. The program has a revert function that will turn the colors back to the default.

thanks, i will definitely check it out. found it in the repository.

It absolutely does not help and in fact makes things worse. there is no way to set the controls part of the color scheme to reflect the rest of a theme contained in a dark theme, instead it forces one to use the default black on white in stark contrast to the rest of the theme, and a shock to the eyes every time the window opens that is in defiance to the dark theme. if i try to set it opposite the default, then the lettering is white on white. it will not allow for that part of the window to be dark background with white lettering like the rest of most dark themes. this is immediately visible in the color chooser window. it doesnt fix the issue i am having at all. thanks for the try, but my guess is until the devs make this aspect of customization more accessible, or someone actually digs a little deeper into the most critical aspect of this (which is the controls) and not just focusing on the superficial parts of the theme that most people see, it will continue to be the oddball part of themes that gets ignored completely.