The very bad condition of the phone section and Suggestions aswell

So, Being one of the first guys who post his works on Android Kernels and ROMs here on Opendesktop I have been checking this section for new works or support for my device. I noticed there are a lot of products that violate the license or kind of post “fake updates”?
I would like to list some of them that i found (I am not trying to blame the developer or anything, i just found it weird).

    This kernel, he posted like 11 updates with 0 changelogs and the source he points to is updated last on august 23rd.
    This kernel is also same many updates no changelogs and the source it points to is also wrong i suppose.
    I don’t know what a custom recovery is doing in kernel section.

There might be others too in Kernel section.

The Android ROMs is such a mess like oh my god.
Here is one golden example.,

    Its a tool to root android and is developed by topjohnwu. The guy posting it is no way related to magisk and the source he points to is also wrong. Clearly he is doing it for money.
    Same goes for this, he is posting magisk and Bit google gapps when all he doing is building the ROM. So he is clearly stealing the work of john wu and thehitman(Original creator) who also have the same bitgapps hosted on pling.
    One more guy stealing work… source he provided is totally wrong. Also Uploading Open gapps, magisk and Viper Audio modification libraries.

@opendesktop It would be great if you guys could take a look on the things happening in this section.
The Suggestion i can provide is that while uploading the product on android rom section they must provide the Device sources( Device trees, kernel trees and device vendor sources) too other than the ROM’s source.
Second is that guys uploading magisk or GAPPS or mirroring some else’s work as their own products should be discontinued in this section.

Thats all… Thanks.


Hi Shenron,

thanks for posting this comment.
We agree the android section has virtually exploded compared to any other section, and is kind of overwhelming to keep track of.
You make some good suggestions, it all comes down to finding ways to not do everything by hand and still allow some mechanisms to reward actual quality content over mere quantity.

For a start, how about you help identify all the clones on pling, to where an original exists?
Then we have a mechanism that starting this month will reward original creators vs. mere clones.

So by using the mark as clone feature, you help at least sorting through all of the roms section, and then allow to clean it up.

Since you took the liberty of pointing out my original work and saying no changelogs, let me remind you whatever fixes and unique work i have done for the community.
First of all i have my own release channel with almost 3.3k subscribers where i post my work with due credit to whoever’s commits i pick. I am the only one who has zipped up tfa blobs, constant charging rates as you can see on my channel.
Talking about you, your products, all you do is buildbot roms, cherry pick whatever’s lying around on github, rename kud kernel and release it

Next thing, i aint the one who has been indulged in foul practices like you and PBH have a history of inflating number of downloads and ripping off pling, i maintain a group manager bot on telegram which isnt free like you use free google cloud servers to build roms and kernels

And talking about fake updates, its easy to rule out why you maintain so many roms, use forked trees, out of which you dont own any, and where as here’s my work,

And yes one more thing, where were you when P-B-H creator was ripping off pling, inflating downloads, advertising fake quick charge, YOU WERE STANDING WITH HIM, you care now only because of the recent pling factor introduced which doesn’t constantly pay you 1$ per 100 downloads.
People like you only come up when your comfort zone is disturbed and regarding pbh i have already opened a private issue with opendesktop
And bluffing about BEING THE FIRST ONE, the whole community knows the kind of buildbots most of you are, i have been in android development since 5 years and suddenly professional people like you come up steal our sources, rename them and call themselves FIRST ones

And about your sources, your kernel says its EAS, which meand energy aware scheduling which requires an energy model to operate.
I dont see any energy model in your sources

It clearly means you either are trying to defame people or are posting fake kernels on the name of eas

Well just learn how to post properly.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will try to point all all clones or products with gapps or magisk in them.
I will use the report button that seems more easy.


None of the source code you have written from zero. So stop throwing bullshit here. Community is not made by one or two people only. Many contributed towards android development.

You too have forked trees whether it is kernel or rom source. Indeed you aren’t the official author of none of them.

EDIT: Whatever you said here is irrelevant to the topic itself. Just make thing clear here and move on. But here you try to throw your big knowledge.

Not interested in increasing chaos with someone using Google’s apps to earn

Again your high ego. The gapps itself won’t install into system. You need to write code for the same and fix bugs all the time. I did proper GPL stuffs in my repo. and in no way stating that i am the ower of APKs itself. Whereas i did the whole stuff from zero and you picked source from original authors and here it makes difference. It is the smarter way to tackle the situation which you are following here.

Whatever it is, i haven’t claimed that i own Linux kernel sources, its all about these buildbots claiming their work to be authentic while all others are just false, and that too only because of the payments.

You should be knowing it very well how buildbotting goes in every community.

Well instead of just screaming around u should see there is a checkbox on odt to claim original work. Also u should read why i mentioned your product. Not every place is for spamming hope you learn it quickly thats all.

Exactly instead of blaming me or telling how “big” professional he is. He should just write proper changelogs and give correct source to his work.

Thats all i will say.

If you are done with your “changelog” ranting, i may resume my work, not everyone’s free to spam channels and groups on social media like you have been doing

“used forked trees”

Buddy didn’t you used forked trees ever. This simply states that you have never used forks and everything is done by you.

@opendesktop have a look here once.

He didn’t even read why i mentioned his product. He is just going on and on.