The user @felipefacundes's icons theme break the operating system. He claims he is original author of my icons themes


The user felipefacundes’s icons themes break the operating system. I told him to fix his icons themes, but he did not update them for a month, they keep breaking the operating system.

As my icons theme is licenced under GPL3, GPL3 requires him to credit me and include my licence, but he did not. He claimed that his icons themes are original and is the original author of my icons themes, but they are not original, because they are derivative of my icons theme.

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Its not fun is it, welcome to open source :wink:

I think you should abandon the site, remove all your jobs and migrate to Shuttershock.

@antechdesigns, GPL3 is a open source licence. Not a closed-source and restrictive licence. I allow them to derive my icons theme and they do what they want with my theme, since GPL3 requires they credit me and include the GPL3 and do not sub-licence to any closed source licences.

Then GPL3 is totally compatible with OpenDesktop.

You do not know what GPL3 is, you confounded GPL3 with restrictive closed-source licences you prefer.

People here don’t care what license you use, even opendesktop says this

“Do you think with any other license the user would have not uploaded it?”

The same thing happened to me today, a member blatantly downloaded one of my most downloded wallpapers 'exclusive to opendesktop, and put it on his product page, that’s not open source that’s blatant theft, dress it up how you like, I just got told to stop lamenting.

Luckily opendesktop spotted it and removed it, will I be compensated for lose of plings? probably not, and nor will you. If I and opendesktop hadn’t spotted it he would of got away with it. So now I have to waste time scouring opendesktop to see who is plagiarizing my work, I have better thing to do am afraid.

This is my point about this whole thing, it just ain’t worth the time and effort creating original products if this is allowed to go on, I am not going to spend 3 or 4 hours on a product just so someone can come along and put it on their products page, hence why I will be moving on next month, so you are right opendesktop is not for me.

Good Luck, Hope you get some resolve :wink:

It is why you should report, pressing “misuse/report a clone/derivative”. People may not care what licence we are using and what licence is and requires, but they are not aware of the OpenDesktop’s rules, as stealing your products, ignoring the open licences (which require them to credit you) and claiming they are original and authors of your products. They may not care about the OpenDekstop rules, but they are not aware that not caring about OpenDesktop’s rules resulting in their accounts being banned. They who think OpenDesktop is a madhouse, are mistaken.

  • If they come to download, improve and readjust your products, but credit you, then do not complain.
  • If they come to download, not improve or not readjust your products, but not credit you, then complain and report.

If you do not want them to improve, readjust your products, even if they credit you, and you still believe they are thieves, then yes, please, leave the OpenDesktop site, forget Linux, return to macOS/Windows and rent a job in Apple/Microsoft, the which can help you to sue everybody.

Hi gusreis,

thanks for bringing this to our attention.
To get some more info, which icon theme the two are copied from?
What do you mean with break the OS? Like break a specific DE? Has missing icons?

Now to see what we can do and before just removing things, the GPLv3 does require to release any derivative as GPL3 again, and also retain any copyright of course.
It doesnt require the need to visibly give credit like CC, but thats solvable by simply adding it as derivative so then those iconsets do point to your original one visible.
We will in the very near future allow for a much more finegrained review, where you could explicitly add that this is not working for some DE or OS, just like Reviews on Playstore or similar places.
Meanwhile if we know this iconset doesnt work for KDE, we can exclude that to not be available via GHNS.
This is a first overview to decide what we can do in this case, so I hope with your help we can find good ways of dealing with such situations like we did for many other things in the past when we got sensible user feedback.
So let’s see how we continue in this case and possibly similar others.

Both FF-Mogno and Fark-DarkWoodGold.

I was going to record and indicate the error, but it seems that he has archived the former icons versions.

I use KDE. They were 7z and tar.xz. When I extracted them, I received many errors, I had to abort Ark.

Strange, because in the GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3) Explained in Plain English - TLDRLegal, it says you must include original and copyrights.

If I am not wrong, I remember that @x-varlesh-x has complained that an user did not credit his product which is licenced under GPL3. Now as under GPL3, is the same user not anymore required to credit @x-varlesh-x?

But different of CC, CC-BY-SA does require to attribute/credit, right?

Regarding the GPL3 you are right, so it looks like the user did retain all copyrights:

Now which theme did the user copy from (your theme)?
Can you post a link here to your theme that the user copied from?

I still see the icon theme that you linked in your first post active btw:

And here is the other icon theme:

The other two products that user has seem to be GTK-related themes.

The user did seem to have 7zip archives in the past, but those are no longer active:

Now booted into KDE and found both themes:

Installed FF-Mongo and it installed and applied okay:

Not sure about some icons tastes, but it didnt break or looks broken, looks okay.

I can further see someone from the Opendesktop site asked him to seperate icon theme and gtk theme 26 days ago:

What seems wrong is that he checked “Original” and also didnt point to an extracted source link.

As moderator, I can remove the “Original” tag and you could also add both iconsets as clones to your original iconset if you want.

Let me know if this is fine for case or if there is anything else you spot or like to get done.

I am glad he did not remove the credits, copyrights and licences.

He messed the products, is it not? I am referring to both these icons theme you linked, and not to GTK themes.

Yes, they were ones I downloaded and I received the errors.

I have reported to you because I thought he did not answer me or fix his icons themes.

It is what I have reported to you.

I will do it

Okay, then it seems he did replace the broken 7z, and we will remove the original tag.

I meant what is the product of yours that he copied it from? Which icon theme is your original?

Both they are based on my icons theme called Suru++ 30.

Okay thanks, they should be linked back now.


You did not remove original from his icons theme.

He has just created new two clones from my icons themes and claimed his new icons themes are original. I mailed you, asking you to add credits, you ignored it and believing my icons theme is not original and they’re original.

And still the new rating system has been easily hacked and cheated.

You ignored my advice to get an ethical hacker.

It is part of incompetence and irresponsibility of the site’s part.

Thanks for reporting, the “original” has been removed.

One way to think of a “solution” is to cut the original product owner a 50% share.
But then it gets interesting for cascading projects.
Also looking at how numbers change people and become emotional upset, wouldnt that further lead to more envy and closer scrutiny… These things are supposedly under opensource for a reason, that is exactly the idea anyone can take and do whatever they want with it while respecting the licensing.
If you seek something else, release stuff on amazon (but then have other people copy it still) is maybe better if it makes people sad and angry to see things happen. But then just knowing that even by removing anything opensource here, someone could still upload it here again could get someone angry still. So i guess its more to change the perspective to look at such things and don’t expect any instant retaliation against some people mistreating the openess this platform and opensource in general brings. It’s oftensad yes, but to be expected, especially the more sucessfull something is. If it becomes abusive we can think about measurements, but it’s just not happening 24/7 automatic style, so still a case by case basis.

This is what makes this all really sad tbh.