The New System: too much like selling

I have been the recipient of three months worth of payments which were a pleasant surprise and for which I’m grateful. It seemed a reasonable system (in terms of fairness, the more useful your work the more your reward) and also helped me develop towards what was popular and useful for others.
The new system however, strikes me as being very close to a market; the more up-votes (pling me’s) you get the more you receive. So you now go out and get support for your products. Selling. This is the opposite of what open source means to me.
I have therefore removed all of my work.

you might want to wait a little longer. The new plings system will be active may next year.

But as I was giving plings I had a bad feeling about: you know: if It pling you, you pling me.

So we end up plinging ourselves. And not because of Quality, just money…

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Right, so it just becomes the same as sharing ‘Likes’ on social media. I considered the measure of quality is reflected in the number of times your work is downloaded. How much is a rating system really needed?

That is still showing an appreciation of someones product or valueing someones time, like one filmmaker may appreciate and recommend someone elses movie and recommend it.
Still you can only pling a product one time, so in a year, it may be just one of many plings.

The number of times a product is downloaded is quantity, not quality.
A movie like Avengers can be number one in terms of movie-goers and still suck to you personally.

Hi phob1an,
we are very open to feedback and listening to the users when we try new ways to find a suitable model for longterm viability, so it is a bit sad to see you considering to no longer be part of the platform.
Just a question: Do you see patroen or any other platform that tries to raise money also as “selling”? Maybe within the one year period where nothing really changes yet and we can see much better any potential results in a few weeks or months time, it is possible to make good judgements on what happened or not.
You also don’t need to actively to reach out for plings, they either happen eventually in the years testing period or not.
From our view it is just too early to tell how any of this works out and that is why we are cautious to flip things on the spot without enough time to make such calls.

Well there are certainly a number of views put here. Perhaps I should jump down off my high horse, get involved again and see what pans out. I’ll re-consider my views.

Yeah, I’m OK with the idea of Patreon but I seem to have kept my old-fashioned views on open-source from 16 years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seems like they need a re-think.

A little off topic sorry but I think openDesktop is part of the Nextcloud service and don’t you guys have a chatting app? I think a live chat box would be great for the forum.

Have you just unpublished your products, so you can bring them back?

What would be the point of that? I am re-posting some after being persuaded by earlier discussion.

Or should I infer that I’m not welcome?

That was a technical question, as in “unpublished or deleted”.
In former case you could bring them back by re-publishing them, in the latter they are lost.

Sorry, got a bit defensive there. I did delete them so need to post some of them again. Gives me a chance to put some more work in before re-posting.

Too bad :frowning:
If you like we can try and help you restore them from our archives?

Thanks kindly but its OK. A good opportunity for me to go back and review my work. We were talking about quality before :wink: Some of my earlier stuff just isn’t up-to-scratch.