The "downloads today" counter details decrease


A little post just to point out that the “download counter” (the one on the right of the page) is drunk and decrease sometime :slight_smile:

This morning (Paris UTC time), I already had a lot of download and I do not know if the counter has not reset this night or it’s just that the theme has a lot of download (or if is only the “frontend” counter who is broken).
These last hours, i have see the counter decrease (~2000 to 1800 at the end of the afternoon and ~1800 to ~1700 this last hour to now.

I don’t know how it’s happen, if it’s only a visual bug, if it’s the same on all product, if it’s just an backend adjustment etc…
product example :

(I have not noted the download counter number of the file to compare but I do not have the impression that it decrements sorry)

(this is not my browser cache, i have se same amount on my smartphone)

Wow! we where complaining here (Rating System) about the opposite. Downloads counter is having a really strange behavior :sweat:


@Rokin stole are downloads :astonished:

Joking aside, something is really messed up here…
Also I admire your honesty, most people here would not have said anything, IMO

thx but i do not think the meter used for the pling is affected.
After if that’s the case anyway I would not say if i’m really winner :slight_smile:

I have take few meter digits (at random time) between the moment I post the initial message and now
as you can see there is a small problem xD :

File Downloads    | downloads today 
(the total count) | (the count at the right of the page)
2845              | 1700  (~3h ago)
2853              | 1703
2870              | 1650
2873              | 1617
2893              | 1565
2927              | 1463
2936              | 1180  (now)

We apologize for the confusion.
The number “downloads today” refers to the number of downloads in the last 24 hours.
The number is therefore not reset daily, but always refers to a full 24 hours.

The OpenDesktop Team

ooooh ok, thanks for the explanation

So if i look atm (22May - 10H50), this refere the download amount from the 21May - 10H50 to now ?
I had never noticed xD