Thanks for your awesome job!

Just as a side note - I just wanted to thank you the team for the awesome job you’re doing here !

I see the site improving almost everyday since I joined two month ago and I’m really impressed about that.

I really like the new rating system you’re currently implementing. I’m still a bit confused about the “count / rating” item under the “reviews” tab, but I guess that’ll change

Bye :slight_smile:

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Hi lurux and thanks for your compliments :slight_smile:

The rating system has been updated from rather intransparent +/-, where it wasnt clear how much change each click was, to a finer grained one, where any review could match in detail the given rating, like a 9 or 8 instead of a 10 if small things were fixed or added, etc.

It also helps to differentiate and find the best of ones own rated products easier.

Now the count 2 and Rate: 5.0 is the base for all new products, as it was before the 50% base with the same amount of downvotes and upvotes. That is to not have 1 x10 rating screw the sorting by then having a total score of 10 or a 1 rating ruin a product instantly. Therefore every new product starts with a base. Very old products start with some more up and downvotes as base, as we carried them over from old opendesktop. Otherwise they would mostly revert their score.

If we keep this new rating running for a year or two, we could always transparently adjust the base calculation for each product affecting equally all scores, like if millions of users would be here and rating at some point, or remove all the superold base votes, if that would be necessary.

In summary, everything related to the new rating is totally transparent now, so no more hidden magic and wondering how the scores come to be.

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