Thank you

Hello all,

there are a lot of complains flying around at the moment, but I want to say “thank you”! Thanks to the whole team at and especially Starbuck. Thank you for taking care of I’m quite sure it would had vanished, without your take over.
Thank you for introducing the Plings. It is a wonderful idea. You’re spending your money in a “open source cash flow cycle” at least for me. I just have a few products here, but with the few bugs I can operate an own website and community for another great piece of open source software. I also used the Plings to purchase some smart Wordpress plugins (licensed under GPL) and supported this Devs for their great work to open source. What remained at the of the year, was donated for my favorite open source project. I think some more people are doing something similar.
Thank you for bringing the supporter status. It’s a very nice way to make a contribution to the system with a fair/low rate.
Thank you for “Sources and Licenses treatment”. Actually your completely right and it might encourage more people to share their sources at established platforms and enable collaboration. I think, if we take you money, it’s the least we can do.
Thank you for your engagement for the opendesktop platform and the thoughts and actions you’re doing to enhance it.
Thank you for your patience while explaining the latest changes in comments.

There is just one thing I like to ask you: It would be great to see some communication in front of changes / new features. Just a blog post “We currently handle the topic X, to achieve Y. To do so we want do Z.” would be great and might give you the opportunity to get some early feedback.

Thank you,



Thank you Will, your positive words are very much appreciated!