Text Formatting in Product Description

Apparently it is possible to add some nice formatting to product descriptions; a particularly good example for that is the Force Blur Kwin Script. I am wondering, how this is actually achieved. The interface for editing the description does not give any hint.

The same question applies to the change log.

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It uses mostly BBCode. BBCode supports only some codes.

We should ask for OpenDesktop to replace for Markdown. The only disadvantage is that Markdown will not support the colourful text like BBCodes does.

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How do I know which BBCode tags are supported?


Supported codes in BBCode:

  • [b][/b]
  • [code][/code]
  • [color=<color hex code>][/color]
  • [i][/i]
  • [img]<path absolute of an image JPG/PNG>[/img]
     [*] Red
     [*] Blue
     [*] Yellow
  • [quote][/quote]
  • [url=][/url]

BBCode in OpenDesktop does not support:

  • Alternate style/type (for example, circle, square, alphabet, number) in the list;
  • Centre text;
  • Font family;
  • Font size;
  • Long code nor syntax highlighting like Markdown’s ```long code ``` supports;
  • Strikethrough and underline
  • Sublists in the list;
  • Table.
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Thank you very much!

But how did the owner of the Force Blur KWin Script then markup the headlines and the code block?

He uses [h1][/h1] and [quote][code][/code][/quote].

I was the first to have ideas to use BBCode in my products before all them.

Yep, I highly agree with gusreis and I hope we will see something changing in a near future.

Pro: Since most of the products are already linked to GitHub/GitLab personal pages it will be just a matter of copy-paste the product description from one place to the other.

Also, I have to admit that I struggled many times with BBCode in order to get a proper formatting for my products pages here on Opendesktop (and this is always --> Edit, modify the BBCode, save, reload, repeat)

Finally (but this is probably out of topic and more of a rant), I don’t get the point of using BBCode since there’s no real gain in terms of chars saved with respect to pure HTML. Markdown is a easier and clever way to get directly to the point, IMO.

Thanks. Lists and headlines are working pretty well for me now. However, I am still struggling with code snippets. If I use [code][/code] inside a list item, then the BBCode tags are literally visible in the result.

I noticed that @esjeon’s project description looks pretty much the same as his Readme.md in his source repository – however, the latter uses Markdown syntax for markup. So maybe there is some trick to get Markdown support also for the project description?

Hi @Flupp

Well, create a unpublished product and test with his Markdown readme. If it does not work, create a OpenCode proejct, and fork his readme, and test it with the unpublished product.

Thank you! Creating an OpenCode project that contains a README.md does the Trick. If you refer to this project in a product, then there is a checkbox “Check this box, if you want to show the README.md as project description”.

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Interesting, @Flupp!

Is it possible only to show to RADME.md of OpenCode Project in the product while to use GitHub repository page for downloading? Please test it.