Support Box on My Projects

I have a “Support-Box” on my projects despite never entering any payment info or being prompt to enable/disable the support box.

I don’t care to be paid, I just want to share my applications. Who would these donations go to, in this case?

Ig those donations will get added to the fund section on your profile and will be sent with the payment. Not sure but i think this is the only way possible.

@angelad The Support-Box is not a monetary donation to your product. It is part of the on-boarding process of It is however specific to the category of the displayed product. So if somebody was to choose to donate money that way it would generally speaking go into the funding of opendesktop as a project to keep the monetary involvement going.
More specifically the opendesktop team has separated this into supporting categories individually from their side.

@opendesktop It’s good to see a prominent onboarding but I actually think the presentation of this process needs to be optimized and made crystal clear in the wording used. I personally didn’t know about the section split up yet and opted in from a section I would have luckily wanted to support but if it wasn’t for luck I might have fallen into a category I maybe wouldn’t want to focus on.

A few thoughts:

  • Make it apparent that you are not asking people to give money into a specific product. In most cases this is not effective. I usually want to put money into projects rather than individuals that can in return consist of or help more than only one person.
  • What’s the use of a “box”? As it is now this is the headline of your onboarding process…change the wording. Maybe “Support Opendesktop” or something similar not related to any product or category but to the project. If that’s too long, think about it or if it’s even necessary at all.
  • Don’t be abstract to people. In a friendly manner tell them what will happen with their money.
  • Be as short as possible and as detailed as necessary.
  • Calls to action (as here it is the headline and the button wording) should preferably complete the words “I want to …”

I quickly fired up dev tools to make a little mock-up of what I think would be a lot more appropiate. I am not a marketing professional but I did study graphic design on a Bauhaus based approach over a decade ago and am working in the industry. That does not mean that you shouldn’t do some A/B testing if you can. Or maybe ask people around here who could help with that. The following not only looks consistent on a product page but also calls attention a lot better being sincere and friendly. Also check your spelling. “via” just sounds bad, no need for exotic language.


I agree that the purpose of the support box is very indirect and misleading.
It is not clear enough to those that donate, that the developer they might be intending to donate to, will not receive it.

The first time I seen the support box, I had assumed the theme developer of the theme I was looking at, turned it on.

“Help Content Creators” - how? How does their donation help content creators if the developer doesn’t get the contribution…?

At first glance, it appears to be a bait and switch. I hope this gets changed, or laid out more clearly/with more detailed information.

The site owners likely have large expenses with all of the downloads, so they have every right to request donations - but they should be more forthcoming with where users’ funds will be going.