Suggestions on the New Look

  • Link to edit “Product” on the product’s page instead of having to find the product on the page and click the edit link.
  • Move the version/details/supportors/etc of the current product to be below the score/download button. It’s currently below “other products like this” widgets.
  • A window half the width of a 1080p screen will trigger the col-lg => col-md media query, causing the sidebar to be put on the bottom, which is fine, but the col-md sizes are on the wrong element causing it to be really thin.
  • Social Media Buttons… really?
  • Have the Download button take up the entire row when the donate button isn’t enabled.
  • /u/brunteles_abs on the /r/kde post

Please, add some top/bottom padding, or maybe a bigger line-height and maybe increase the font size. On 1920x1080 it looks too cramped. Especially in the menues, the font-size in the main content area is ok.

  • No more email notifications for comments/replies?

Hi Zren,

thanks for your feedback!
We have already started to work on things you mentioned, the “Details” box should have moved above with the latest update.
As for the themeing, it is currently a functional WIP, so will get more polished over time or eventually change to a new template within the next months.
The email notification for comments/replys will take a bit longer, but is also coming back.

If I could offer one more suggestion, a more powerful search function would be nice. In the old, I could search within a category, e.g., search for ‘curve’ within ‘qtcurve themes’. I don’t see the same functionality in the new

I’d like to add another suggestion: RSS feeds… very useful to keep up with new content.
I was wondering why my feed wasn’t showing new items, until I visited the site today and found out about the change.

By the way, thanks for the work in the openDesktop network!

RSS is also up high on our list of todos.

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Yes, the old version is better in search option, It have also a box option with search filters very useful. You could search by percentage, by order, by rate, by downloads, etc. Very useful IMOO.

  • Minor bug in the update product form. Always escape user input.

Hi, I would like to suggest to add a “download” button somewhere in the file or product page.
I am new to the site and wanted to download a wallpaper. I first clicked on the install button with the intention to download the wallpaper but found out that I just simply need to click link to the file.

Ok. I saw the DL button now, but only after I use the “zoom out” function of my browser (chrome)… It was hidden when my browser size is set to 100%.

In my worthless opinion you have way too much wallpaper on this site. There are plenty of other sites for such things, if it isn’t distro specific, you should get rid of it. I come here looking for software ideas and all I see are forests, flowers, and sunsets…that’s not exactly open source software, it’s more like Martha Stewart’s idea of FOSS. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it just clutters the site too much. I go looking for the icons I uploaded and they are buried under 10 pages of wallpaper… there are 69316 wallpapers as of today and 53123 FOSS uploads of which many are dead end links, 9 categories for desktop themes and 13 categories for wallpaper… really?. See my point?

I been using Linux for 10 years now and the opendesktop site for as long as I can remember. I signed up just to say how much I absolutely HATE the new look. No filters??? It used to take me 20 seconds to find what I wanted. Now it takes 20 minutes! The only time I come to this website is when another app brings me here. It’s easier to search for something on Google than here. It might look nice, but in terms of functionality it’s absolutely useless.

The wallpapers aren’t the problem. The problem is that when they redesigned the site, they removed the filters. On the old site you wouldn’t see the wallpapers unless you wanted to. Now you have to filter them out of your searches using boolean expressions.

You are right, wallpapers aren’t the problem, (though I still don’t consider wallpaper to be software), but I was hoping the new owner of this site would be a little more proactive than Frank Karlitschek. There are a massive amount of unusable links to abandon-ware on this site. Yes, it looks nice, and the seven year old ads are gone, but it is now nothing more than nice looking on the surface and still a mess underneath it all. People continue to be allowed to selfishly update their stuff everyday so it is at the front of the queue, when in reality their updates are nothing more than an effort get as many views as possible. I was hoping the new owner would limit the amount of time between updates for users, or at least make it so their stuff wasn’t always first when updated, or put updated work in a different category. Regardless of all my complaints, I wonder if the new owner even looks at this site and considers any of this, or do they only care about revenue? So much for FOSS, eh? I would gladly volunteer to help clean out the old abandon-ware, but these things are one of the reasons more people don’t use Linux. After all, this is supposed to be the premier site for all things Linux, but I find it shameful the way it received a new look and then nothing more…

Hi FrankulaWolfstein,

thanks for your feedback!

About wallpaper/filter function, they are certainly on our to-do list.


Hi Jackrooster,

Thanks for your feedback.

Filter function is on our to-do list.