Still no payout yet (see other thread)

Hii @opendesktop
Its been the 2nd week of the month and still i haven’t recieved the payment for the previous June month.

And in payout sections, a notification been showing with red exclamation mark “we tried to send the automatically via Paypal-API.But temporarily got an error”

And its been 5 days since everyone of my friends gets paid out…Am I the special case.Although i didnt & never changed the Paypal email address,so that wouldnt be the cause anyways…

Eagerly waiting for the payout…Thanks @opendesktop

Hi sonal,

we have send the amount to the adress, there is nothing else we can do. Please ask Paypal from your side as to what could be the reason the transaction gets rejected. For any failed transactions we may do one more attempt to retry after 7 days. As you mentioned with your friends, there is only a tiny percentage of transactions that are flagged red vs. all which went through fine and it is only on your side to be fixable.

My Paypal having issues with receiving international payments but now i got it solved.
So as u said @opendesktop. “For any failed transactions we may do one more attempt to retry after 7 days”

So all my friends gets paid on 9th July and according to your statement @opendesktop team would try again after 7 days that is on 16th July…

So can I expect payment by 16th of July as everything’s been resolved from Paypal side

Hii @opendesktop i still didnt got my payment. its been 7 days since the day everyone received payment

We already cleared this in another thread, opening two threads for the same topic we’ll close this one.