SPAM Rating downgrade on popular products

It’s bots or spam-dowgraders, i don’t know.
But see this members, it’ very strange accounts:

  • poiluzt
  • yaqwsx
  • mnbvc
  • ujnhz
  • yxcvbnm
  • They have incomprehensible nickname.
  • They downgrade Top products with single time - 3 hours ago

I found this on Papirus icon theme:

Maybe this accounts hacked? Opendesktop team please check this (register, IP-address and etc…)? Maybe it’s single man doing this for funny.

Also it’s happened with Obsidian icon theme too:

swept rating on Awoken:

Again the same names and single time:


It is at least suspect, this fritz5 create an account a few hours ago, only to give downvote, and no more activity.

In this icon theme there are countless downvotes made by users of the same profile, there should be some algorithm for this, at least IMO.

Can you post the links to those member pages that show suspicious voting behaviour? << this one have created a account in 2015, then had a litle activity at the day I update my icon theme (Feb 17 2018). My guess is since he already voted down in 2015, “nothing to do here today” (Feb 17 2018), then no more activity. >> have created his account close the day I post my icon theme, voted down, then no more activity.

[BE AWARE THE UNDERLINES IN THE URLS, I CAN’T POST MORE THAN 2 LINKS, sorry] >> same as above >> same as above >> same as above, but his last activity was in Jul 2017 (I have no ideia what he made at this time) >> from my last post in this thread

There’s several other people that had voted down by irrisorious reason, but I believe it’s not fit here.

Very many thanks for your hard work looking into this and keeping the opendesktop a healthy place.

Please check this users:


  • voted down mostly top products
  • voted down on single time
  • Joined : Apr 08 2015 (not all, yxcvbnm registered Apr 16 2015)
  • not have products

I think, it’s fake accounts for only swept/downgrade rating only