Some insane naming limitations

I get "‘Mint/Manjaro …’ is not valid. Please try again without using any character like , !, “, $, *, ^”, who came up with this? Can’t you create regex rules more thoughtfully so the name would be valid if you are displeased with users using strings like *****, %%^^ or $$$? From the logic standpoint there’s nothing wrong with my name, it’s informative, well phrased and relevant, am I supposed now to rename the whole series instead of completing the set just because you thought “nah, let’s not let them do that”? You are creating more and more restrictions and you dare to call it freedom?

Thank you for pointing that out. We had to revise this point because of abuse, but hope it works better for you now.


I also had this problem. I was forced to remove ++ and to replace for plus. I found it not elegant. Suru++ is very beautiful than Suru Plus.

Besides, @fabianalexis’s icons theme was also forced to replace Antü for Antu. Antu is an ugly name. Antü is a beautiful name.

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If any symbols or chars also proof to work on Gitlab, we can certainly revise some restrictions. We just went with the suggested minimal compatibility. So please try to see if your request works, like “+” was an request here:

Thank you for reporting ideas and understanding we are sometimes dependent on upstream.

Would using Bitbucket or RhodeCode be fixing it?

We like to use free software that is hosted on our own servers.

But even when Bitbucket would be free software for install, we have already setup and using Gitlab, which is used by many other free software projects as well, like debian, gnome and very shortly KDE.
So for now we stick to Gitlab, since it offers a very advanced software stack for developing and CI compiling as libre software.

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Hi @opendesktop,

Last year I contacted the support team and requested that feature, but I was informed that it can not be used due to security.

I have just communicated them.

You wrote like you were trying to win 10x, the issue with names is still there lool

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