Site running slow again it has taken 15 min to upload 2 color schemes and it is still not done

I am trying to upload 2 color schemes which is simply two text files and it the site is refusing to upload it. Stuck on 58 percent for over 10 minutes. This is the second time this happened to me and I promise it is not my internet.
What is so bad about this is if I stop it the site will go ahead and put my theme at the front of the line and it will not even be updated so therefore by the time I get it updated there may have been a lot of people downloading it and the theme will either be corrupt or not even there at all and then when I finally get it updated my theme will be pushed to the back of the line again already. It happens when uploading to the site.

Hi freefreno,

thanks for reporting the issue.
We will check our servers and try to see where the bottleneck might be.

I finally got it to go and once it started it was fine but for about an hour there I was stuck. I don’t have the best internet in the world but it isn’t that bad. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to upload things and other times it does great. Anyways thanks for reply and it seems to have worked itself out.