Selfish Themers

Why do some themers, like ju1464, post so many of theirs at once, and bump the other themes off the 1st page? Some of us users were chatting, and consider artists that do that pretty selfish people, who don’t deserve our downloads. I bet he got bullied in school - lol.

Also, I have been trying to rate “Forest” @ a “9” and a “10” but I keep getting:

Please try later.

Service is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve this issue.
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The bosses must all be away today - lol

I don’t think it’s necessary to disrespect. In school I had no problems, I always knew how to defend well. In the case you are referring to, I update them all at once, for that reason I upload them all at once. The topics on the first page rotate according to the uploads, I do not make the rules. The truth is that I don’t see it as important, nor where the problem is.

Hahaha, you act so innocent. Well, at least you’re behaving better now. Your right, I should not have hit such a sore spot on you. Look, when you update, just save a few for later in the day. Us users don’t want to see nothing but one themer’s stuff on the first page. Plus, I bet your fellow themers think your a jerk for bumping them off the first page. They work just as hard as the next gal, right? This is opendsktop not ju1464desktop. And, by the way, us Texans consider that sort of behavior sport for a good a*s-kicken, that’s all. But I’m sure you didn’t know. So now you can thank me for hipping you to the facts. And it is a fact, no one likes a crybaby who spreads their stuff all over their stuff. Look around, hardly any other themers do what you formerly did. Only a few. And check out the poor wallpaper guy’s new post, who also has a prob with their version of selfish wallpaper artists. Just sayin. You’re cool though. Peace.

Exactly, this is opendesktop and it is for many people around the world, not just for you. I respect all those who do topics of all kinds here, because I know perfectly the time and effort involved. I am not the only one that loads several themes on the same day, many do, and when I update something I upload it as soon as I can, like any other, it doesn’t matter much since all the topics change, none will be forever on the first page. I don’t think I’m doing something that the page doesn’t allow, if that’s why @opendesktop let me know and I’ll stop doing it. I respect your opinion, although I don’t share it, but it has already been clear. So please don’t insist anymore.

lol - Just remember, Caballo regalado no se le mira el diente, Y, camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.

Y tanto va el cantaro a la fuente que se compro una moto aunque no por mucho madrugar dios te ayuda.
It is not a competition for me to be on the first page, I just try to improve my subjects while I learn and as soon as I think I have improved them a bit, I upload them. Regards.

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