Search is broken

Hello. When i try to search, i get some error page, telling:

Sorry, but our servers seem to have a problem with loading this page. Don’t worry - it’s not you, it’s us.
Try searching for whatever is missing, or start fresh from our homepage.

No matter, on what sub-resource to do it (applications, artwork, etc). But can’t find nothing by e.g. “opendesktop search broken”.

Other navigation is working - at least i can enter item descriprions.

Hi Nick,

this could be caching related, so normally it should work again pretty quickly.
We are yet balancing out the goal to include finding new stuff vs. keeping most products in cache for faster indexing and finding.
Of course the main goal is to not have any time holes where nothing can be found, so thats what we continue to work on whenever reported or spotted.

They fixed this quite much time ago. Just now tried - no problems.
With exception of simplified functionality, everything works.