Requirement for username and password on Pling (solved)

Every time I download, update and even enter in Collections it ask me for enter my username and password on a new website ( ).

Hi ptalfred,

we updated some fix, does this issue still happen on your side?
From what url do you access the Collection and try to download?

Sorry, the same.

Is it only for collections or any other links?
Can you access fine?

When you see the login, does login with your opendesktop username and password work?

Well, what can I say. Now it’s impossible to work with Opendesktop. When I want to upload, edit or even see my products it appears the screen already shown in this topic… Can you fix it?

…and no, it will not allow access even I reintroduced the username and password!

We are trying to solve the issue, so some background: is another view of the same network, exactly like or any other site of the network (,, etc.).

All sites use the same username and password.

So we try to understand why you cannot login at if the login works on

Are you logged in normally when going to
Can you log out from and login to normally?
Can you remove all cookies from your browser?

To find out what could be the cause at your computer, we need to test all this information and then see the next steps, thanks.

Hi ptalfred,

can you try and log into and select “keep me logged in”?

Otherwise logout completely, remove all cookies and relogin. It may be a security check of your browser that does not allow to share cookies or cross-logins for various reasons like phishing attempts, nested sites, etc.

Some more info:

While was for 15 years the “master site”, it kinda outgrew its name. Instead of putting more and more Categories that don’t fit the Linux desktop on there, we added a new site that now acts as “master site” to all subsites called There you find all product categories, while on you find the “desktop related” ones.

We will release a full blog post related to soon.

OK … So, it looks like I have to log in directly to, and that’s it, issue solved. Thanks

Once is complete, will you discontinue and the subsites?

For now opendesktop remains for Linux/Unix desktops, themes apps and more for developers.
Opendesktop gives you a direct view without cluttering the entries with other stuff.

Pling could be more for the creatives like artists, writers, musicians, etc. so like multimedia or CC content. If that is successfull will be seen, but at least it allows some experimentation without “diluting”

We may also remove Linux/Unix desktop big category from view and ONLY use it for all else, it remains to be seen what works or not.

The reason we direct things to for adding products is there you see everything right now, so people dont miss phones or other categories no longer on

We are working also on a superflexible system that allows add product to be independent and then to have relative links of “add product” depending on the context you’re in, but we are not there yet, just felt it was time to expand the platform and open it up to see what else works with that model (lots of people doing video might look for a new compensation model platform). Time will tell and we are always transparent with every step.

Not completely sure what you mean by that but if it’s Linux related videos I can speak from experience as I have nearly 1,000 Linux related videos on youtube with nearly 8,000 subscribers and I am a small content creator compared to some of those guys but it use to be a fantastic platform for Linux related videos and the monetization was really good but things have really changed and even the bigger names have slowed way down because of filtering and ad placement and etc. If opendesktop could build a platform for this I do believe the content creators will upload here. If this is kinda what you’re talking about, if not sorry I chimed in…

We are thankful for any feedback. It is all experimental beyond core, but we see potential, hence our reason to pursue.