Remove Downvote feature

This is the main flaw in a system practically managed by users themselves, where in the current status quo of character, it is virtually impossible to achieve a fair progression level for products, given the amount of reports of abuse by bots and users with bad intentions. There will always be those who create accounts only to give down vote of the products of others, and this is very deductible to think that they are not ordinary users who practice this. My suggestion: remove the down vote and replace with “report abuse” or “report a problem”. Sorry my english, I hope I was clear.

We restricted Voting, that is up or downvoting to be for supporters only, so creating many accounts for free and abusing the vote system is no longer possible.
One can still only “upvote” aka LIKE any product though to express personal favors.
Let us know how this helps and we also identify and remove any very suspicious account and their votings from the past.

it seems that you have found an excellent solution. I believe that now I can remove my appeal text from my products. Opendesktop genuine artists thank you very much!