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I was reviewing my login credentials for various websites when I came across an account for a URL I recall this site being somehow affiliated with Gnome-Look and the KDE Store, if I am remembering correctly. Is this still the case, or has the relationship changed, OR am I completely off my rocker (yes, it HAS been known to happen!).

My primary reason for asking is that the URL rejects the credentials I have stored for it and I am certain they would not have changed, yet they provide no means of contact to address such an issue. IF they are still tied to OpenDesktop, THEN I would like to know how to contact them to straighten out the issue with my credentials to their site.


Hello ThePCMedicInIA, and are still separate for now.

please try your credentials on If this is still not working please use the “forget password” link, so we can generate a new password for you. Or contact us via

Best regards
the opendesktop team

Thank you for your reply.

My saved login credentials for your site work perfectly, as always.

My concern is about my credentials for the site pling dot com, which seems to have some sort of relationship or association with although you are separate entities as you have explained.

Since you have indicated to me that there is no real cause for concern if I am unable to log into plingdotcom, then I shall let the matter rest unless and until a problem actually exists.

I consider this matter to be closed for now. Thank you for your able assistance once again.

My respect and best regards,