Refrain theme updates to once a week?

It seems to me that -with the introduction of plings- there are contributors that put up there work again and again without any real change in their work, just to be in the front of the list, and thus trying to earn more plings.

Every day you see the same themes over and over again, and this puts real updates or new themes way back down the list, even after a few hours.

So, as a suggestion, try to build in a upload-restriction for existing themes, so that they can only update once a week or so…?

I fully agree with you regarding the plings, but I do not think this is such an effective solution, that would bring more problems, since many of these updates can be simple fixes of some important/missing information, and posting a product with error for a week is definitely not a comfortable possibility . To resolve this issue, getting back the old posting feature “post without annouce” (I don’t remember the term) on the list, IMO, is the best solution. If you want to change some information, you can do it, but the product should not go to the top of the list for a certain period (maybe 1 day?).

The point is that people tend to behave differently if there is money involved. your ‘post without announce’ is a bit to voluntary. Next, I don’t think themes and such need that much critical updating…

We have updated the algorithm now, so that only adding a new file or adding a new changelog will trigger to be listed again as fresh updated.
We also are working on many fine-grained possibilities to mitigate abuse after the introduction of plings, so those will gradually be rolled out throughout the next weeks and months with the intention to make the system attractive to contibutors and still fair for all.
We know any system can be gambled, but we closely keep an eye on what is going on and try to become aware of those easy ways and change it.

As Paulxfce I post allot of -I hope-quality-themes. When I update I really have something that justifies getting posted. I refuse to upload it every other day just to get more plings. But it is annoying not to get noticed when there are so many new postings, so you wind up down the list even after a few hours. I hope the new algorithm slows down the rate of pace a bit. And, as such, reward the attention to true updates or new work. I appreciate the plings I receive, and I hope that you continue doing that. I’m just afraid that -at the rate it is going on now - the pling-system may become financially unbearable to keep.

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We therefore have some ideas to favor quality over quantity, so we are confident we can make it sustainable long-term.

Some members started to maltreat upload files nearly every day. It’s problem for other products, because this endless uploads hindering evolved for other products.
I think it’s not fair. Because their main task - it’s swept downloads with frequent stay on first page.
It’s stupid and not really released product every day!!! And this confused me and other honest members.
Please set limit for upload files. 1 update to week, for example

I do not entirely agree, I believe that as consumers we must demand quality in what we download, if any user is constantly uploading updates and these really improve the product, then I see no problem, but if we detect false updates or without really adding anything new then we can use the “report misuse” button.


@zayronXIO Ok. You see my thread here?

I can’t “report misuse” button, because hi really update icon theme… BUT every 2 days and i’m not see changelog and reason doing this every 2 days. It’s icon theme and not have critical bugs with crash systems or other system fails and not needed with frequent updates.
Also changelog not obligatory option for upload… But i think it’s not solve problem, because this will be same type.
For example:

  • some icons updated
  • fix bugs
  • and etc…
    I can post release every day with little hack with sed and change more thousand icons. BUT i’m not doing this and behave with dignity

We fully agree with the complaint, but have not come up with a practical solution yet. What if we simply add a grace period of 1 week before any update puts a product visibly on startpage again? Any pros and cons to this or would we then simply have the topic again in a week?
Any better suggestions?

Thank you for your offer )
It will be good experience for future analize…
But i like limit method 1 upload to week - this really stopped this madness

Please x-varlsh-x stop accusing me. We’ve already had this conversation on my icon theme’s page and this is starting to be really exhausting.

As the the community guidelines says: " Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people"

I don’t see why I shouldn’t provide the latest update for my themes, even more, if I find something that doesn’t work as it should I won’t wait a week to upload it. At the moment my icon theme has a big issue that makes the majority of the icons not to show properly on KDE, and I want to solve it as soon as posible and provide as many solved icons as I can at the moment.

I agree that placing any theme at the top isn’t a good behavior and a solution must be found, but that doesn’t prohibit me from updating my themes.


You are hindering evolved for other products.
You not have time for changelog, but have time for create archives and upload this every 2 days.
You don’t like your users, because you don’t post what you changed and fixes.
You not update your theme - YOU SWEPT DOWNLOADS!

This archives upload from OpenDesktop.
See results quantity files:

find Flat-Remix_1.71 -type f| wc -l

find Flat-Remix_1.72 -type f| wc -l

find Flat-Remix_1.73 -type f| wc -l

find Flat-Remix_1.74 -type f| wc -l

@x-varlesh-x you are really taking this too personal. As I’ve said, please stop accusing me.

In the last post you show the number of files my theme had for each update. Right! They are correct. Updating a theme isn’t just adding a bunch of new icons that nobody uses but also trying to improve the ones that people do see. And, as I’d said before, at the moment I’m fixing and redesigning all the icons for KDE.

I really don’t see the point of your discussion. This thread should continue normally, finding a solution for the main page behaviour that improves the whole community.

So please, stop it, and let’s have a more respectful behavior.

I do not agree with “once week”, because if I upload and update in the Saturday and OpenDesktop fails due to a bug (see I can’t go back to the product page), then tomorrow Open Desktop fixes the bug and I can not upload tomorrow, because it is once a week. Then I have to upload the next week.

OpenDesktop is too buggy. I’m admired OpenDesktop does not hire hackers to analyse ALL bugs once in a while. Developers failed to review and to be sure if there are bugs or not.

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This is about not putting products on startpage after every update. It is still allowing product updates as often as one wishes.


Has this change already been reflected?

I believe so. I tried many times & ways, perplexed as to why my uploads didn’t trigger an update to a theme.

I think the measure of “one update per week” I see it very extreme.

In my opinion could be three updates per week for each product. I think that this amount is more than enough to solve serious errors or that it is extremely necessary.