Question about "Section Factor"

Hello! What happend with “Section Factor” this month? on September 30 it was showing 1 but today in “September” section it is showing 0.49 and “Potential Payout” got twice lower. How does it work and why payout went twice lower only after month was ended?


Hi annalerias,
if you refer to the Phone section, unlike all other sections which had steady growth, downloads have doubled compared to the month before. That is why with the same amount of money available, the section-factor, now being active since September, has approx. halved. To grow we need to secure new capital, as logically we can’t pay out more in total than is available and calculated to last for this year and 2020. So it’s either sponsors decide it’s interesting to get some small recognition back for each download or the users themselves start contributing at least a bit back to sustain the platform.

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Oh, ok. Thanks for explanation!

I truly feel the phone section needs a bit cleanup. I always see products that lack proper management and licenses. Also many lack a proper description and same product have multiple alterations for multiple devices that can be done in a single product.

Hi Shenron,

if you have concrete suggestions to improve quality in that section, please start a new Topic and list your suggestions, so we can discuss these further.