Product update problem

Hi, Is there a problem with the Product update?
In the Icons category, I see different people updating and listing their products on the home page.

I’ve updated my icon package.
The product is not listed on the home page. it’s really hard to reach more people this way.

I hope this is a temporary situation. can someone tell me about it?

If you wish to check the product link here:

Hi unc926,

we found you updated the product just within the cool-off time, that is 7 days. We cut off a few hours now to that idle time, which makes it easier to allow an update to bring products back to the front basically every week, without needing to count the minutes. So when you update it again, it should be put to the front again, which you could easily test by doing an update on this product.

PS. Please be aware that naming a product OSX or any other trademark insde the product title will likely get the product stopped from receiving plings this month, so better change the name to something non-infringing.

The new update system looks really good.
I will rearrange the product names against copyright infringement.
Thank you for the information.