Product not even appearing in category or anywhere else

Uploaded a new completely reworked version of Sugar. Uploaded the code to opencode. Trying to make use of the functionality you’re encouraging us to use. Now it won’t appear at all on opendesktop unless directly accessed by its product ID…

Hi marianarlt,

the product has been reported as SPAM by at least two users.
This is why it wasnt visible but landed in a queue for us to reactivate or delete it, which we now did,so all should be back normal.

Please watch if this happens again and we look into it.

Weiß nich’ ob ich lachen oder weinen soll…
Now THAT’s just funny isn’t it…So apart from spending a lot of time creating, I also have to battle against spammers reporting my product as spam…that’s just hilarious…and sad…and worrisome.
Thanks for sorting it for the moment…

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Too bad that spammers are those who forked your repos without changing nothing only to take advantage of OpenDesktop’s money.

@opendesktop Seriously? Again?! Could you please double check? Does not appear again…

What’s the issue? It does appear normally here.

Mhmm,…@opendesktop I apologize. I’m not sure if it just popped up or I didn’t notice it before, I could swear I didn’t see it at all…Sorry for bothering you for nothing if that was not the case. I’m pretty busy, maybe I should have some rest :sake:

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Rest fine knowing that any product checked once by us and found to be not spam is immunized to any more false spam attacks, so this shouldnt happen.
We think of expanding this to all products of a certain user, but must be careful, as real spammers are getting to the point they add seemingly real content, just to change it after a few weeks to something malicous.
Whatever the case, we are working to improve the situation.