Product cannot be found by searching for it

Hello @opendesktop, I am a member of the rtl88 team, and the designer of The-Linux-Foundation Wallpaper-COLORS. The page appears at “”.
Anyway, the product cannot be found by any means when searching for it. I have been involved in theming for some years now and am proficient at finding our themes here, but to no avail. The team-lead emailed me the link and I looked at it, so I know it is up, it is just not findable for some reason. Would someone from openDesktop mind looking into it and correcting it please? Or could someone contact a member of the rtl88 team and let us know why this product cannot be found via the normal way? Thank you!


@opendesktop , I was just in contact with the team-lead at rtl88. He emailed me this screenshot of my hard work in the spam trash… shameful. This could not be spam. Someone needs to please rectify this obvious sabotage of a legitimate product. We do not play such childish or misleading games at out team. Thank you.

The product has been marked as spam. I have removed the spam marker and the product can be found back to normal.

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Thank you, @rvs75 ! Any indication of what may have brought on that erroneous spam-click?

Basically, every user can mark a product as spam. There is also automatic spam detection based on certain keywords.
These products are then verified, which may take some time.

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Makes sense, thanks for taking the time to explain.