Problems with the new system

The new system has greatly reduced my update effort, so I don’t think I have any motivation to update! Although my desktop theme is not very good! I just want more people to see him,so I suggest adding a centralized sort
In addition, I think there is a problem with the website click next step next step always take a period of time

Hi facecolor,

thanks for reporting the issue.

As for the updates, the cooling-off time is added to stop the abuse of people updating their products every hour just to bump it to the top again, which was widely discussed here and suggested to do from user feedback.
It doesnt prevent anyone updating their products like every minute, just the effect of getting it to the top spot every time doing so. It is also reasonable to think of doing a big update then doing another one right after that in a certain time like next day to count that towards the last time a big update was done or a fix if something was overlooked, as one hardly can do complete rewrites or adding hundreds of icons or new features for a product that warrant notifying everyone every day.

At the same time we introduced another even more prominent way to get on the startpage to make products visible, that is for users to pling a product and have it sit right at the front for as long as no other product gets a more recent pling:

We could think to add another sorting which people had to select then next to “Plings”, called “Latest updates” to cover every minor update even if done within minutes to show them on top, though the default sorting won’t be changed due to the strong abuse in the past. Just know that people might then start doing microupdates all the time then every time they see a product get ahead on them in that list though, so we are not sure if that additional sorting is really worthwhile to implement?

I think you can do it,you can put the latest update sort tag at the end, which won’t make a big difference! You can distinguish between major updates and minor updates,You can think about it!