Problem with having license only at the product level

I noticed that the license field has been removed from the file level and now license can only be linked at product level. However, older products which licenses were set previously at the file level are all gone. This allows others to “misuse”/“steal” products cos there isn’t a license attached to them anymore.

It’s there a way to show the licenses that were set at file level for the products uploaded before the latest update?

Otherwise, users will have to update all their licenses for all existing products one by one.

Right, I assume now we are uploading at least in our category CC 4.0 and that would make sense being within the spirit of openDesktop. Apps-software may have it set differently I don’t know. The image dumpers will most certainly continue to take our works and upload it as their own and no license is going to stop that as we have seen. My way of thinking being around the opensource world for a decade now is it’s ok to fork works from others as long as it is indeed creative commons and sometimes it’s flattering to see this but just taking an image and downloading it then re uploading it without any editing or any transformation is just flat stealing. openDesktop/Gnomelook for me was all about showing off skills and being creative. Nothing creative about mass image dumping or stealing-stealing might be a strong word and I am sorry. The image dumpers don’t even bother to change the file name lol, if you google the file name it will take you to where they got it from and you will see they don’t edit or transform or create anything from it, they just dump it here.

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We agreed, that is why we are thinking how to make opendesktop a great place for original creative artists and developers. Preventing to take any image which is NOT under a permissive license and putting it up on opendesktop under a false license is our target goal to become less lucrative by not getting anything out of it. At the same time we are also thinking about the second case, that is taking someones work that is under a permissive license and therefore allows taking and just reuploading it to become also valuable for the original creator in the future. These are all small steps towards establishing a fair and transparent model and environment for libre software and artwork to strive and we are confident and working hard to establish this for the many developers and artists who believe in the good of this approach to ultimately change the world for the better.