Previous month payout

Hello! I have question about payouts. I Registered here on July 24 and forgot to add my Paypal email. Email was added on August 1st. So here is my question - Will i get payout for previous July month in future or not?

The payouts for a month are done electronically some time into the next month.
If at the time of the payout a paypal adress was found, the system tries to send the money there. If not, then adding or changing the paypal adress wont work retroactively and you need to wait for the next month.
Since you stated you added it August 1st, it should be fine, since there hasn’t been done a payout yet for July at that point.

So if i understood correctly, July payout will be payed together with payout of August at the end of month?

We never do multiple payouts at once.
The payout for July is seperate from August, and a payout for the previous month happens 7-15 days into the next month.

Ok, Thank you for explanation!