Hi, all. What I’m hoping to find is an option, plugin or extension for VLC’s music player that allows a user to adjust or “drop tune” a track in a way similar to the way certain instrument effects pedals operate, by adjusting the key of the music from E to E flat, for example, without slowing the tempo of the track. I have heard this kind of thing used by DJ’s, both in clubs and on the radio, when they are trying to more smoothly transition one track to another which are “tuned” slightly differently due to inevitable differences between the various recording studios and the artists themselves. I’m a guitar player and I learn by ear rather than with sheet music or tablature, and many songs I want to learn are either “stepped” up or down, so I would either have to tune and re-tune my guitar for particular tracks, or get a second or third guitar and tune them to the tracks, switching guitars back and forth, or all of the above. A plugin or extension in VLC would be much more convenient, less time consuming, and would be less expensive by far than the methods I mentioned above. I’ve looked at what’s currently available in extensions and plugins, and in the player itself, and didn’t find anything in either place that does what I want. If I missed it in the player itself, perhaps somebody can direct me to where I need to go; or if there is a compatible plugin or extension in or our of VLC, that would be fine too.