Pling login fail

i try to log my pling account but it seems not logged. so I cnt upload any products. look at the image that I attached. after I log it show again login button

what should I do ?

It is happening to me and others too. It must be pretty disheartening when you cannot update. I think the team-lead of rtl88 at least found some way to update. I’ll try to contact him and see what he did to work around that logout-while-updating problem.

ohh ok ok I got that thank you for let me know about that

Same problem on chrome for me but on Firefox it seems fine.

Oh I didnt see at first that other folks are complaining on other pages too. I put mine on the page for suggestions. Charlie I used chrome and firefox and opera and it all did the same thing. I have some of your wallpaper. Your pretty big around here by the looks of all your art. Why dont you get them to fix this broken site. I love coming here but it messes it up and the dudes in charge here dont bother to answer back much by the looks of all the ignored complaints.

Good morning, it’s just the time of year when everyone is gone around the world with family and etc, they will fix it soon. If things are broken for you then it’s broken for them too…

Hello everyone, we are working on the bug. At the moment the login should work as usual.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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thanks for the fix that bug

Man this problem is still happening - what’s wrong with you people!

No it aint