Pling is not available in Russia

You know, in Russia, an organization that is not very adequate under the name Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media) blocks This is due to the fact that in an attempt to block Telegram, they interrupted access to many sites (yes, an elephant in a china shop) whose addresses Telegram used.
As a result, you have to use anonymizers. By the way, Telegram continues to work (lol), and Roskomnadzor continues to block good sites.

Hi Cybernix,

thanks for reporting this.
Do you have any suggestions what we can do from our side to improve the situation?

I do not know how difficult it is difficult, but as an option - to go to other (uncomcovered) addresses. But from the foolishness of Roskomnadzor it does not guarantee full rescue. works, in my normal mode. Apparently, this address is not in the “black list”.

There is another option - to send an official complaint to Roskomnadzor, but I do not know how quickly they will respond.