Pling factor

Does amount of plings you get mean anything? I have 2 plings, but my pling factor 1 (or it will be updated next month?).
I’m just curious how it works.
Thank you

Hi tarma,

a pling from a user is currently only a “superlike”, it has no relevance (yet) to the amount of money. We could at some point make it influence the payout factor, just if the impact is too big, then people could start to add accounts, calculate it through and manipulate the plings. So right now the only impact is that getting plings really means more than “just” likes, as it needs to pay a small amount to manipulate with new user accounts.

If more and more people become supporter, it would be the better measurement to rank things, so we are yet reluctant to use any of the user ratings, likes, plings to also manipulate monetary outcome.