Please enable GitHub and Google logins

Currently it is much harder than necessary to log in to because

  • The login that works on, e.g.,, is not recognized by
  • It is not even possibly to use the same password on as on because apparently they have different rules for passwords
  • Having to remember 1-2 new logins is just a pain and will prevent many users from even using these sites.
    Please enable GitHub logins and Google logins for this forum. Discourse (the software that powers this forum) provides an easy way to do this. I know, because I am using this on :wink:

Go to Admin → Settings → Login → enable github logins, and enter github client id and github client secret. Do the same for Google accounts. If you also check sso overrides bio, sso overrides email, sso overrides username, sso overrides name, sso overrides avatar, then all the user information is nicely in sync and users don’t have to enter it yet again for yet another site…

P.S.: I guarantee that I will have forgotten my login and password here within days… so if I never log in here again, that’s the reason…

Of course it would be awesome if the same login methods would be available for the actual openDesktop sites as well, not just for this forum. One can dream :slight_smile: