Philosophy versus freedom

I would like to know why Opendesktop administrators want to eliminate the freedom to choose the BY-NC-SA and BY-NC-ND licenses for our works?

This is not to extract all possible money from opendesktop, it is simply to share my work with the design I want to keep…

This question is really philosophical and mostly not fruitful, as both views are valid, depending on where you look from.
Like BSD vs. GPL, it is always the freedom of one person or group vs. the freedom of all others.
We therefore wont comment on this debate.

Linux is based on Richard Stallman’s philosophy which is GPL. The licence CC-BY-NC-ND and CC-BY-ND is incompatible with Linux and GNU philosophy.

As @opendesktop answered both are valid, you can keep your works closed-source. The fault is not of the forkers or the author of La Capitaine. It was of your friend because he could have put CC-ND instead of GPL3, in the repositories El General 3 years ago and Antu 2 years ago, for preventing the author of La Capitaine of forking. It was too late.

As your friend is not in favour of forks, he is in the wrong operational system because fork is a symbol of collaboration, which is inspired by the GPL philosophy. He can work at Microsoft. Matthieu James was a famous icons designer of Faenza and Faience, abandoned Linux world and Canonical and went to work at Microsoft.

Plus, since your friend likes to sue the forkers for violating his licence, he must be an ideal for being a CEO of Apple because Steve Jobs sued Google for plagiarising iOS to create Android.

That’s your problem with Fabian, I use the CC BY-NC-ND for a long time (since the Helium 1.0 that was published a couple of years ago)

The problems I have had with using that license have practically been against free software extremists and people who want to fork to earn money easily.

Most artistic works use CC licenses because it is made for that area.

Do not forget Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman are also free software extremists. :wink: You must not be aware of this.

And you and your friend could have disabled forks. GitHub and GitLab offer the option of disabling forks.

They behave like adults and respect the decisions of the people.

You are the only one who has shown irrational hatred towards me and I have not done anything to you.

I might even think you’re discriminating against my decisions.

I have never offended you and never went to throw negatives at your work as many would. I have simply respected you as a person that you are.

I will let administrators and other @opendesktop members rate your behavior.

Ah, David. Nice try. LOL. I hate closed-sourced repositories. I mistrust the closed-source software.

It is your opinion. You do not know very well them.

And they also will rate your friend’s behaviour towards the forkers of his icons theme at OpenDesktop.

And I respect that you love 100% free software, I am not the one to judge your decisions.

It is possible that you are right.

That is a problem that he will have to solve with those of opendesktop.

If I comment on your comments, it was because you mentioned my nickname.

I think we should stick with each other, if the opendesktop website does not accept the licenses of their jobs simply withdraw, if they are not here for the money then maybe it’s not worth bothering

Already my account has almost a decade in this place and it bothers a bit the situation. But reading the licenses that they left I found some that could be very useful knowing how to adapt.

I hope that you find a license according to your needs,

although it is worthwhile that you consider the option of releasing your work under a license compatible with GPL., from some forks work very good, many of the current big projects are forks, and the world of gnu linux would not be the same without this philosophy

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